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Trust’s Objectives

To publish & circulate research publication(s), periodically where results of exploration into science of life, and holistic health care systems, studied cross functionally , both ways, adopting basic sciences, contemporary tools, pharmaceutical sciences, systems biology and other interdisciplinary approaches
To undertake, carry on or promote scientific and technical researches into various health care systems/approaches with a view to promote integrative medical approaches for better delivery of preventive and therapeutic patient car
To uphold the ethics of the profession of Ayurveda and Pharmacy
To edit and publish journals, books, magazines, documents and other publications for promoting the cause of the science of Ayurveda in particular and other health care systems in general
To hold seminars, symposia, conferences, and exhibitions including electronically, for promoting the science of Ayurveda in particular and other health care systems in general, in India or globally
To establish a system and undertake Certification and Endorsement of Ayurvedic and other Products/firms for Quality/Claims/GMP’s and issue such certification/endorsement
To undertake and provide product/formulation/technological guidance for specific benefit areas as may be identified by users adopting wisdom of Ayurveda or naturals
To undertake activities in the area of promoting sustainable development/utilization of, cultivation of , research, development of quality monographs/standards and knowledge related to Medicinal Plants, including training of persons involved
To organize specific Training/Continuing Education Programmes for Students and researchers of Ayurveda and Pharmacy specially in the areas of research methodologies, regulatory aspects and Scientific writing
To urge, represent on any legislation and other measures to procure change of law and practice in the interest of the profession
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