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Academiae of Ayurvedic

Advisors / Mentors for The yurvidye Trust

The Trustees will appoint a ” Mentors of the Academiae of Ayurvedic” ( ” MAA” ) or Advisors,
From amongst experts who shall guide in
Developing Policies
Review the work of the Trust
Participate in drafting and articulating the programmes of the Trust
To do critical review of the publications of the Trust
Contribute to the publications of the Trust on an honorary or paid basis.
Such ” Board of Mentors / Advisors of Academiae of Ayurvedic ” shall be not more than 10 persons to begin with.
The Trustees will organize meetings of the MAA as and when required, obtain general and or specific project related advice, and involve the Mentors in the publications work and take into consideration their advice individually or collectively as the case may be for running of the affairs of the Trust.
The Trust is in the Process of forming the Academiae of Ayurvedic
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